Body At Home

Harness the power of your body in dancing so that you can be recognized for your unique personality and skills and make the most money you’ve ever made expressing your full self at work

I'm so in!

If you see yourself as:

  • Becoming unapologetically yourself in your work world - fully expressing yourself in your job, business, or projects and being celebrated for it
  • Making more money than you've ever made through the unique skillset you have as a someone who has worked in different fields
  • Getting your dream job and/or growing your business in a way that is grounded in your body
  • Transforming belief systems that you've seen in your talk therapy and growing and evolving to the next phase you long to reach
  • Harnessing the fire in you to achieve goals and successes

This is what you get:

  • Weekly live group coaching calls - receive live personalized mentorship so that you can transform patterns and make the most money you've ever made through your job, business or both
  • Recordings of all group coaching calls - forever access to all calls so you can do this on your schedule
  • A growing library of 5-15 minutes practices - plug in throughout the day and train your self leadership muscles so you can build the career you want to
  • Community channel: coming soon

This is what becomes possible for you.
You get personalized mentorship to expand your capacity to:

  • Go from $250/month to $15,000/month
  • Launch your passion projects in your job
  • Learn tools to liberate your emotions so that you're taking minutes instead of days to process difficult work scenarios
  • Become so confident in your self expression, your peers come to you for advice

From nervous and self-conscious to relaxed and expressive

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If you feel like you're being called forth with a full-body 'yes' and you want to go a little deeps, here is what some of my high-proximity clients have done in the last year:

  • Created a clothing line with an international brand
  • Headhunted to create their own paid podcast in a national network
  • Bought and renovated their dream home
  • Signed 4 private clients within 2 weeks
  • Started their bachelors’ degree at the age 31
  • Sold out their spoken word events

When you join the Yearly Container, you get 2 months free PLUS a 1:1 coaching call with me, which you can use for:

  • Expanding capacity for more income
  • Shifting belief patterns around self-worth
  • Laying the emotional groundwork for your next job
  • Access and transform core memories

One more thing.

This access to high proximity access to mentorship is only available for 3 months, and this is what you get to benefit from as the founding members of Body At Home.

If you're the type of person who goes ALL IN, by signing up before August 31, 2024:

  • You get 10x the value by getting personalized mentorship, live, weekly
  • You get to shift belief patterns around your worth in a 1:1 bonus coaching session with me, saving you months of internal work

So excited to welcome you as a founding member!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access for?
You have access to the portal for as long as your subscription paid for. As long as you're an active member, you'll have access to all the benefits- library, weekly calls, etc.
What's the cancelation policy?
You may cancel any time. Please notice there are no refunds for previous payments you made, as a subscription model.
What if I buy the yearly access and then want to cancel?
You will have access for the length of your original payment subscription. If you had a monthly membership, until the end of the month, and if you had a yearly membership, until the end of the year. In either case, no refunds are possible.

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